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Andres F. Bella (Biography)

Andres has held an affinity for the written word and English language for more than 20 years, producing Web articles, website prose, technical manuals, promotional material, and poems and personal essays in both English and Spanish. He excels at creating both poetic and discursive forms of literature as well as researched, technical and professional documentation. His writing experience and expertise is based on a combination of lifetime practice and his education at the Universities of Houston and San Francisco State, where he earned his degree in English Literature.

Andres has written for a variety of businesses and E-zines, on topics ranging from company policy to Rock and Roll band debuts. He enjoys writing about multicultural and bicultural topics, including the diversity and Bohemian flare of the old counterculture and newer, more incognito, underground social movements, such as the DJ raves.

Andres currently resides in San Francisco's Mission District. He has completed his first novel, which celebrates multicultural and counterculture themes in the heart of San Francisco. He is currently seeking a publisher for The Trip House Tales.

Personal Note

My entire life has been about writing. When the flood of raw emotion began inundating me as a pre-teen, like most writers, I vented my confusion through poetry and submitted my lyrics to various contests. Even though I didn't receive the notoriety I expected through poetry, I persisted...and it wasn't long before I fell hopelessly enamored with words and written communication.

Throughout my multicultural upbringing, my desire to become a successful writer flourished. I submitted editorials to the Houston Chronicle, continued to write poetry and personal essays, and tutored ESL students in grammar and composition.

As a teenager, after reading stories by Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda, I began to explore transcendental and counterculture themes...and then, I read Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Inspired by the Merry Pranksters and their "movie," I sought out nihilistic social settings and individuals who embraced self-expressionism, people who challenged the status quo. Needless to say, all roads lead to San Francisco.

Today, I tutor when I can and help people fine-tune their composition skills for trade, sometimes for peanuts. I consider myself a preservationist of personal freedom, goodwill, and human nature, a guy dedicated to riding small and large social waves. Guided by my curiosity of the unknown, I am an advocate of the "live and learn philosophy," which gets me into trouble most of the time...but it always rings true.

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